Mintages for Susan B. Anthony Dollars

Susan B. Anthony Dollar mintagesAlthough the Susan B. Anthony Dollars series was produced for only a small number of years, the mintages cover both extremes. One year was struck in extremely high numbers, while another year had minimal production.

The mintage levels had to do with the public acceptance of the coin. At the time of release expectations were high that the public would embrace a dollar coin. Production was started at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints in relatively high numbers to handle the expected demand.

Within a few months, it became apparent that the public would not support the coin, leading to vastly reduced mitnages in the following year. By 1981, mintage was curtailed to the amount necessary for collector sets.

Eventually, when stockpiles of 1979 and 1980 coins ran out, and the Susan B. Anthony Dollars were struck one more time in 1999.

The mintage figures for each coin appear in the table below.

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Mintages

1979-P 360,222,000
1979-D 288,015,744
1979-S 109,576,000
1980-P 27,610,000
1980-D 41,628,708
1980-S 20,422,000
1981-P 3,000,000
1981-D 3,250,000
1981-S 3,492,000
1999-P 29,592,000
1999-D 11,776,000