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    Mintage details for the Susan B. Anthony Dollar series. Includes the mintage data for circulation strikes from 1979 to 1981, and the final year of the series in 1999.
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  • 1979-P
    The first year of issue for the series was the 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar. When the coins were launched, hopes were high that the smaller size would result in more widespread circulation. The size ultimately turned out to be the main drawback.
  • 1979-D
  • 1979-S
  • 1979-S Proof
  • 1980-P
    The 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollar was the second year of issue for the small sized dollar series. Due to the limited circulation of the issue, mintages decreased dramatically from the inaugural year.
  • 1980-D
  • 1980-S
  • 1980-S Proof
  • 1981-P
    After two years of production for circulation, the 1981 Susan B. Anthony Dollar was only struck for inclusion in the annual Mint Set. This resulted in the lowest mintage of the short lived series.
  • 1981-D
  • 1981-S
  • 1981-S Proof
  • 1999-P
    Following a lengthy gap of eighteen years, the 1999 Susan B. Anthony Dollar was issued as the final year of the series. The huge number of coins struck in 1979 and 1980 had finally run their course and more dollar coins were needed.
  • 1999-P Proof
  • 1999-D